Cousins Photo Tours

We are photographers and cousins, Laurie Nassif and Nance Ackerman. We decided to start our own photography workshops and tours in 2010 to fill the demand for tours that bring travel and photo enthusiasts to a new level of awareness in travel.

With itineraries that appeal to the independent traveler and those that want to give back while honing their photography skills, Cousins Photo Tours, offers several tours a year to a variety of countries from Vietnam to West Africa to Morocco.

With years of international photography instruction under her belt, Nance is looking forward to teaching in Asia, and as Director, Laurie will lend her expertise to deliver a high level of comfort, efficiency and safety to the experience.

We both have extensive tour and photography backgrounds and are very excited about the future of Cousins with a Conscience Photo Tours.

We hope to travel with you soon!
- Nance and Laurie

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Art Workshops in Guatemala

Each Fall Nance teaches photography workshops in Guatemala. Participants explore the heart and soul of Guatemala by photographing her people during the spectacular festival of Todos Santos including All Saints Day, when indigenous Guatemalans celebrate by crowding the cemetaries to visit with family and friends. They bring flowers and food, celebrate life, then write notes to their loved ones, attach them to kites and send them up to the skies.

Nance spends individual time with each participant, reviewing their work and helping them map out a way to achieve their photographic goals. During daily class sessions, Nance discusses the power of photography, and how best to use the elements of natural light, composition and tension as well as self-editing in the camera and an in-depth look at relating to the subject. Her work is proof that a photographer can be considerate of the culture and respectful of the people and still come away with beautiful images with impact and a message.

Workshops are offered through 'Art Workshops in Guatemala'. For more information, visit their website or email Nance.

Nance Ackerman
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