Twelve Angry Women

The Anniversary Project
interactive web project, visual journey and music video - 2009

Twenty years ago, on November 24th, our government made a promise to end child poverty in Canada. Today, one in six children in this country still go to bed hungry.

To mark this anniversary, and as part of an initiative used to awaken the the Canadian people by inspiring change and involvement, Nance Ackerman, award winning film maker and photographer will travel the country with her partner musician, Jamie Alcorn, to create, THE ANNIVERSARY PROJECT. An interactive web component, visual journey and music video, The Anniversary Project was inspired by the filmmaker's three year experience making the National Film Board's award winning film, Four Feet Up.

Photographing and recording 20 children, from ages 1 to 20, for each year of the broken promise, this will be a visceral approach to outreach and communication. The web component will be built on stunning photographs, engaging graphics and powerful music and is a logical next step for Nance. Her poetic documentary style will offer a unique experience that will travel through twenty years of broken promises through the faces of those who have lived it. It will include extensive resource links and interactive pages that will offer a voice to those who have been isolated by poverty.

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a feature documentary

IN DEVELOPMENT -  7'2" basketball player, Riiny Ngot, still sleeps with the light on. His nightmares of rivers of blood, deafening screams in the jungle and the burning villages, still haunt him. Riiny grew up in Southern Sudan and was trapped in the horrific civil war there as a twelve year old. He miraculously carried his sister on his back for much of their three month journey to the refugee camps in Kenya, having given up their family for dead. His journey to Canada, his relationship with his beloved Coach K at Nova Scotia's St. FX University and his magical resilience is a story Ackerman wants to tell in this unique documentary that hovers on the edge of a drama.  

Shutter Girl

Television series

IN DEVELOPMENT - Drawing on her roots as a documentary photographer, Ackerman is developing a television series that each season follows six of the world's most fascinating, talented and inspirational female photojournalists. From the top surf and ski photographers, to documentary photojournalists covering Afghanistan and the Middle East, she will be there to capture their lives. From celebrity photographers to fashion shooters, Ackerman's crew will go on assignment with these fascinating women and bring their non-stop worlds into your living rooms. With an interactive online component that keeps everyone in touch on the set of Shutter Girl, this series is sure to entertain and inspire.


Women of Substance

WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE, changing the culture of addiction
a feature documentary

IN DEVELOPMENT - Working with Addiction Services, Ackerman hopes to create an understanding of the world of the addicted woman in Nova Scotia. With stories from five women in the province who are dealing with addictions to a variety of substances,  combined with their own artistic journey through therapy and recovery, Women of Substance will be inspirational educational, shocking and revealing - all at once. Delving into the alcohol industry's recent marketing ploys that target young women with sugary drinks and promises of a wild social life, this documentary will make you think twice about our society's culture of addiction. 

Four Feet Up

The Clay Continuum
Art Exhibit - 2005

An exhibit at the Mary E. Black Gallery (Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design - Halifax), in collaboration with Louise Pentz, an accomplished Nova Scotia potter. The themes explored the world of the vessel - in pottery, wombs and water.

Nance Ackerman - Magazine award

Magazine Award

Nance has been nominated for a National Magazine Award for her recent Pow-wow feature in Canadian Geographic.

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CBC Documentary - 2005

In spring 2005, three of Canada's best known photographers were given a challenge: seven days to come up with a photo essay that best illustrates the struggle and triumph of people who choose to stay and make a living in rural Canada. For this CBC documentary, "Legacy", Nance photographed the people of Hazelton. B.C. Images from this photo essay were featured in Macleans magazine, the CBC gallery in Toronto and at the outdoor venue at "Contact" photo exhibit in Toronto in 2005.

Tattoo Spirit

Tattoo Spirit
Art Exhibition - 2004-2005

A collaborative exhibit with Mi'kmaq artist, Alan Syliboy and Halifax photographer, Dave Campbell, at Atelier Gallery in Annapolis Royal in October of 2004. The exhibit travelled in late 2005. A departure for Nance, this collaboration involved Alan's hieroglyphic works painted directly on Nance's body.


Womankind - Faces of Change Around the World
Coffee table book of Nance's phogotraphy - 2003

A coffee table book featuring Nance's images and words by Donna Nebenzahl. The two women traveled the world meeting women activists and this book tells each woman's story. From India to Australia, Womankind explores the lives of activists fighting to make the world a better place. It was released in North America in September 2003, and launched in Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax, as well as the U.S. Available in bookstores, and

Les Artists de Nouvelle-Ecosse

Les Artistes de Nouvelle Ecosse
Art Exhibition - 2003

A collection of works by 17 Nova Scotia artists at the Conseil General du Puy-de-Dome, Clermont Ferrand, France, as part of the "Cour d'honneur Rene Cassin". The exhibition ran from October 27 - November 22 2003


Wathahine: On a Long Journey
Art Exhibition - 2003

A collection of black and white portraits by Nance Ackerman, of Native women across Canada. On at the Rockland Shopping Centre, Montreal - July-August 2003


Womankind: Faces of Change Around the World
Art Exhibition - 2003

Exhibit to accompany Nova Scotia release in October 2003 at the Sherman Hines Gallery, Liverpool, N.S.


Another Man's Treasure
Art Exhibition - 2002

Color images of landfill and garbage as art. A bit of a departure for Ackerman, this series explores the beauty in the ugly, light and composition in the context of the throw away society. Summer 2002 Sherman Hines Gallery, Liverpool, N.S.

Nance Ackerman
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